Project Description:

This is the new Techmount GPS holder that I purchased for my BMW. Installation is pretty simple. Remove the two factory bolts nearest the ignition then use the supplied spacers and longer bolts to hold it in place. I decided to use a Powerlet cord instead of hard-wiring the installation. That way when I’m not taking a long trip and don’t want all of the clutter I can remove the whole thing by unplugging the power cord and undo the Allen screw holding the cradle. This leaves me looking like the featured image above. Also there is nothing to steal and nothing to be harmed by the weather!


There is a mounting plate supplied that is attached to the back of my Garmin cradle. It is held in place with screws and locknuts that came from Garmin.


To attach the cradle to the mount the nipple on the back of the mounting plate is inserted into the top of the mount and held in place with an Allen screw.


Now you can attach the Zumo to the cradle. The cord runs across the “tank” and over to the BMW Powerlet plug.



Overall Rating

SUMMARY: This is a simple installation. Took less than 20 minutes with a couple of allen wrenches. No need to worry about theft or weather damage after a long day of riding.

  • Installation Time 70% 70%
  • Convenience 84% 84%
  • Desirability 91% 91%


Can easily remove to prevent theft.

Eliminates clutter for around town riding.

Don’t have to worry about weather.


Wire dangling around on long trips.