This was my third time down on Honduras Good Works Medical Brigade. I really enjoy the friendships and camaraderie that develops on these trips. Over the last couple years we have been recruiting more Hondurans to participate. This year we had 28 Hondurans along with 65 Americans on the team. While most of the Hondurans were translators we did manage to get 5 Honduran doctors and 4 Honduran dentists to participate.

On the final evening of the clinics we have a closing service where we offer people a chance to speak about what being on the team has meant to them. Many of the Hondurans spoke up about how working with us had given them a sense of hope and willingness to work to change the conditions of their country. I hope that over time when can give more responsibility for the managing of the brigade over to some of the Hondurans so that can participate as leaders rather than just helpers.

Although they like me to be AOD (Administrator of the Day) just because I’ve done it before I really like working in the pharmacy. As AOD you mostly have to look for things to keep you busy which makes the day drag on but in the pharmacy you are just too busy to look at your watch!

Another fun part of these trips for me is driving the four-wheel drive pickups over the worst roads you can imagine. The roads would barely be considered jeep trails here. And they’re manual transmissions which is fun too!

I really need to work on my Spanish. It would really be nice to carry on a conversation with some of the Hondurans. Many of the names and faces are becoming familiar but I just don’t know enough Spanish to interact with them and that sucks!

Think I will probably go back again!

Dr. Bobbi Hopkins, one of the founders.


One of our Honduran doctors.