Hill Country Rally for Kids is an organization that holds many fundraising events throughout the year to support 501(c)3 organizations in the Dripping Springs and Hill Country area. The organizations they support provide services and assistance to children in need. On Saturday, September 23rd, they held a car show in downtown Dripping Springs. They had Mercer Street blocked off at Ranch Rd 12 all the way to 290. Cars were lined up on both sides of the street and even extended down some of the side streets. They had a really nice variety of 60’s and 70’s muscle cars, some rat rods, motorcycles, and a couple of full on drag cars. Lots of Chevrolets but not many Fords or Mopars, kind of strange. I snapped several photos but I should have got some shots of the rat rods, they were really well done. The one I most regret not getting a photo of was a Ford Anglia with a blown 354 hemi!

They did have some motorcycles in the show. Most entrants were new Harleys that had just been washed. They did have one Norton 750 Commando that I managed to get a picture of. That was by far the coolest bike in the show. The Norton looked new and they had obviously ridden it in, so kudos to them.

Another car I should have got more pictures of was a 70-72 Nova. It has what looks like an LS motor with a four-barrel manifold with a FITech electronic fuel injection, I did get a picture of that. The engine bay was detailed really well. The body, paint, and interior all looked original. Just a very cool sleeper.

One of the cars I really liked was this ’62 Nova hardtop. It’s done in the altered style with a straight axle, moon tank, lace paint, and whitewall cheater slicks. Surprisingly no roll cage? I would think the motor in this thing would should twist the frame. Oh well, maybe he just doesn’t like stomping on the gas.

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