Month: August 2013

Lunch in Vancouver

After visiting the Capilano Suspension Bridge in the morning they put us on the bus and dropped us in one of the downtown areas. The tour bus dropped us off  where the cruise ships drop passengers too. It was cold and drizzly on this day but I was starting to acclimate to the weather. I really like Victoria and Vancouver. After walking around we all met at this place for lunch. I got a few pictures. Not all of the pictures were posed for. You can probably tell which...

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Capilano Suspension Bridge

On our trip to the Pacific Northwest we got to see and do a lot of things. This was one of those things where more time would have been nice. This place was really cool but my vertigo was making it difficult to walk on the suspension bridges. My head was already spinning and the added motion of the bridges just made it that much more difficult to walk. This is definitely someplace I would like to return to some...

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Butchart Gardens, Victoria, B.C.

Before leaving Victoria, British Columbia, we visited a cidery for a cider tasting. Wow, do I love ciders. They served us chocolates, cheese, and other goodies to go along with the different ciders. After the cidery we made a stop at Butchart Gardens. This was a mined out quarry that the owner’s wife decided was just to gloomy and ugly to leave that way. She spent years adding flowers and other plants to restore the beauty destroyed by the mining operation. The original family still owns and operates this beautiful garden as a tourist attraction. It is acre after...

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Motorcycle GPS Installation

Project Description: This is the new Techmount GPS holder that I purchased for my BMW. Installation is pretty simple. Remove the two factory bolts nearest the ignition then use the supplied spacers and longer bolts to hold it in place. I decided to use a Powerlet cord instead of hard-wiring the installation. That way when I’m not taking a long trip and don’t want all of the clutter I can remove the whole thing by unplugging the power cord and undo the Allen screw holding the cradle. This leaves me looking like the featured image above. Also there is nothing...

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Victoria, British Columbia

After Sunday in Portland, Monday and Tuesday in Seattle we were off to Victoria, British Columbia. Out on the water on the ferry it was so foggy you couldn’t see a thing until the last quarter mile or so getting to the dock. Then a cross country ride to Port Angeles and another ferry ride. The ride into Victoria was much prettier. The sun came out and the temperatures were in the low 70’s maybe high 60’s. The harbor in Victoria is beautiful just take a look at my photo of the Empress Hotel. Our hotel the Grand Pacific...

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